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DD Puri Scholarship Program - KENYA

Too many bright, talented young people are living in Refugee Camps, without the opportunity for higher education.  The numbers are staggering, and the potential for these young people is boundless.  The SCORE Initiative is a tertiary scholarship program that was created to create education and employment opportunities for those hungry to learn and make a difference in their communities.

What began in July, 2006 with the sending of a young person from the Kakuma Refugee Camp to a nearby Kenyan college has turned into a full-fledged scholarship program.  Over 50 young bright minds, once living in Refugee camps, are now enrolled in various tertiary education programs and living on their respective campuses, or have graduated and become working Alumni.  The DD Puri Foundation, partnered with Windle International Kenya, works to provide opportunities for tertiary education to those well-qualified for education but lacking resources.

Currently, over 20 students are sponsored directly from the Foundation, and are facilitated by our implementing partners Windle International Kenya.

The ultimate goal of the program is to provide these bright young minds with the skills necessary to teach their fellow countrymen and women.  As peace is restored in their home countries and the rebuilding process starts, they will be equipped with the capacity building skills necessary to become the leaders of their communities.  In the meantime, the students are increasing their expertise as professionals in Water Engineering, Nursing and IT, and will be educating those still living in the camps.