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DD Puri Foundation History

History of the DD Puri Foundation The DD Puri Foundation was created in 1998 by Prem Puri. Mr. Puri, founder and President of a regional building company near Washington, DC, wished to contribute funds to the most unfortunate in his home country... cont. >

DD Puri Scholarship Program

What began in July, 2006 with the sending of a young person from the Kakuma Refugee Camp to a nearby Kenyan college has turned into a full-fledged scholarship program. Twelve young bright minds, once living in Refugee camps, are now enrolled in various tertiary education programs... cont. >

The Patalia School

The DD Puri Foundation, with the help of Windle Trust Kenya, help facilitate scholarships for young survivors of war that have done nothing wrong but be born in the wrong place at the wrong time... cont. >